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How It Works

Avouch4 is a verified network that helps professionals discover new opportunities and employers gain access to quality talent. This is accomplished through leveraging the networks of Avouch4 Referral Champions.

Jobs are posted

Employers and/or recruiters regularly post their open roles on our platform. Each role will clearly state the cash reward paid for a successful hire.

Champion's Refer

As an approved Champion, you will be able to refer your friends or colleagues to open roles.

Everyone Wins!

Upon the completion of a successful hire, your referred candidate lands a new role, you are rewarded, and the employer obtains talent.


When my partner and I moved to a new city for my job, he struggled to find a role that fit his skill set. I was able to use Avouch4 to help him land a job that he is loving and has significantly increased his salary. I got a cash reward on top of it! This site is awesome!

B.S., Earned $2,500

Avouch4 has helped two of my friends find new opportunities. It feels great to help your friends and earn cash rewards for it too!

A.K., Earned $7,500

Using Avouch4, not only I helped my friend get a new consulting role, I am also earning at least $500/per month for this referral.

R.K., Earning $500 Per Month

Being a Referral Champion

A Referral Champion leverages his or her professional network, providing referrals for employers seeking specific skills. Upon approval, you will join an exclusive professional network that compensates you when your referral successfully lands their new job.*

Get Rewarded

  • By utilizing your professional network of current and past colleagues, they will be able to take the next step in their careers.

  • Upon completion of the hiring process, you will be generously rewarded for your referral.

Invite Other Champions

  • By inviting colleagues to join Avouch4, they too will be rewarded for their references.

  • Your ranking will increase when they join. This enables your referrals to be displayed higher in the listing of candidates.

Rank Higher

  • Your referrals will display higher on the list of potential candidates as your ranking increases.

  • Avouch4's ranking algorithim scores Referral Champions based on a variety of factors, such as the success rate of referrals landing roles.
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Find Top Talent

Whether you're a company searching for top talent or a recruiter representing a client, Avouch4 provides you with exclusive connectivity to the Champion network. By doing so, you will gain access to individuals with different skills and experiences in their respective professions. If you're interested in posting roles, please contact us

High Demand Skills

Here is a summary of skills employers are currently looking for on Avouch4`:

Quantitative Analytics
Business Analysts
Program Manager